Integral leadership


Leadership is a matter of relationships: the relationship with yourself, with others, and with the situations you have to face in your life

87% of leaders worldwide have a reactive style while 13% have a creative style

40% of a company's productivity depends on leadership effectiveness .

The basic requirement to be an effective leader is that one's personal development level is equal to or higher than the complexity one has to manage

We offer tailor-made programs aimed to help managers and organizations to move from a reactive leadership style to a creative one. A reactive style is based on compliance, protection and control. A creative style is base on relationships,creativity, authenticity, awareness of oneself and the ability to inspire in order to achieve results.

Managers will improve:

  • self-awareness

  • capacity to influence and inspire

  • effectiveness

  • results

These are the three phases of our methodology:


Where are we?

We do an evaluation of the organization and its departments' current leadership as well as the managers' leadership style. We use the state-of-the-art evaluation tools such as The Leadership Circle Profile


What do we want to achieve?

In this phase we continue using the Leadership Circle to make a deep and detailed analysis of each situation in order to achieve the organization's desired results, both in the organization's leadership culture and in the manager's leadership profile


How do we get there?

We tailor an action plan that draws upon both experiential training and individual executive coaching sessions to rapidily grow towards the desired goal.

This tailor-made program is aimed at people who lead both long-term working teams or short-term projects

These are some of the workshops designed for our clients over the last few years:

  • Next-level Leadership

  • High-impact leadership

  • Project leadership

  • The Leadership Circle: a tool for novice and advanced participants

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