Relationship Development

Relationship and Communication Development

Communication and relationships are intimately linked. The quality of our communication determines the quality of our relationships.

Difficulties in communication (misunderstandings, misinterpretations, confusion) lead to difficulties in relationships (tensions, disagreements, conflicts).

Paying attention to the way we communicate creates closer and higher quality relationships.

Communication techniques work when there is a paradigm shift from a competitive to a collaborative way of looking at relationships.

If there's one thing we all value, it's a trusting relationship that is free and powerful: a relationship where both people can show their authenticity and are able to understand each other at a very deep level.

Understanding the basic mechanisms that influence our interpersonal relationships and putting them into practice is a life lesson we should all learn at school.

Relationships cool off and distant when one party (or both) does not take into account something that is truly important to the other. The internal or external struggle shows up as: arguments, blame, judgments, pain, sadness, anger or rage. That makes communication among the parties even more challenging and, as a snowball, could even bring more misunderstandings and distance.

Objectives of the tailor-made training:


relationship with myself

Understand the relationship with myself and practice conscious inner communication.

How do my inner dialogue and personal perspective influence my moods?


relationship with each other

Understanding the relationship with the other.

What brings us closer and what keeps us apart? How do I connect with what is truly important to both of us? And how do I satisfy it?



Learning to listen to each other and to express ourselves in a way that nourish my relationships.



Learn to approach 'negative' situations in a way that reinforces the relationship.

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