High-performance Teams

High-performance Teams

A team is a dynamic, living system. It has its own personality, temperament, moods, and vision. It has its own culture with rules and values, both written and unwritten

In 78% of the teams, the emotional intelligence of the team is less than the sum of the emotional intelligence of its members, that is to say:1+1 is less than 2.

The most effective teams are those that manage to create a climate of interpersonal trust and mutual respect where people feel comfortable being themselves.

This tailor-made program is aimed to enhance both team positivity (relationships) and productivity (tasks), improving cohesion within its members and their effectiveness in achieving their objectives.

The teams improve:

  • awareness of the current team dynamics

  • awareness of their skills and resources

  • awareness of the team's internal voices

  • their ability to achieve and even exceed their goals

These are the three phases of our methodology:


Where are we?

Using the state-of-the-art tools, The Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA) and TLCS (The Leadership Culture Survey), we diagnose both the culture of the team and the key elements of its internal dynamics.


What do we want to achieve?

In this phase we continue using the TDA and TLCS tools to make a deep and detailed analysis of each situation in order to achieve the organization's desire results, both in terms of team culture and key aspects to be promoted within the team.


How do we get there?

Based on the results obtained in previous phases, we design an action plan that draws upon both experiential training and team coaching sessions so that the team rapidly grows towards the desired outcomes.

This tailor-made program is aimed at long-term teams and short-term projects

These are some of the workshops designed on behalf of our clients:

  • How to become a high-performance team

  • How to become a customer-focused team

  • Creative ideas in hard times

  • Uncertainty management

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